Our Testimonials


I've been coming here for years and Sundarban With Love is the best! I've never had a more consistent or higher quality hair coloring experience. I'm very particular and have followed [ Name ] from [ Business Name ] to [ Business Name ], because I do not like change! Thanks so much [ Name ]!

[S. Josep ]

OMG! I mean...I couldn't believe it! Jatirmay and [ Name ] made my hair and makeup look amazing! My sister and I were in town for the week and decided to get our hair and makeup done. I wanted to try something different than my normal look, and both stylists were great!

[ Dinesh R.]

I have to admit, I'm a picky client. I saw [ Name ] and [ Name ] during my visit and couldn't be happier. My hair looks amazing and I feel gorgeous! Thanks for the best mani pedi I've had since I last visited the city. I've recommended [ Business Name ] to all my friends! I love this place!

[ Anindita Kar ]